Learning clojure

13 August, 2018

One of my good intentions this year is to learn a new programming language. Choosing between the various options proved to be a difficult…

Creating elisp packages

11 February, 2018

Last week my first package elcontext was published on melpa . It was the first time I have published a non- package. Now I would like…

Introducing elcontext

04 February, 2018

I have just finished my first elisp package elcontext . It introduces context based actions for Emacs. Context based actions A context…



Exploring creative visual programming.


Context-based actions for emacs. Runs an emacs command based on your location, time and directory.


Keep track of your daily costs across all devices. Record your costs using an iOS or Android App and sync them to your dashboard at home.


Animated donut chart. React component written with d3-shape.


Compose all the things

29 October, 2018

Functional composition can help to build flexible and readable APIs. It is a concept that can be translated into a variety of programming languages and domains. This talks explores functional composition through the lens of a JavaScript Frontend Developer.

Webscraping with algebraic structures in JS

26 October, 2017

Lighting Talk about scraping the ReactiveConf Lightning Talk Proposals with Functors, Monads and Traversables.